Removable Thermal Insulation Blankets

  •  Protects equipment and human from heat loss.
  •  Reduces the unwanted heat loss in equipment and process facilities.
  •  Enhances safety and convenience – insulations blankets help to contain the heat in the pipes and minimize radiation to the work location.
  •  Can easily be removed for maintenance purposes.
  •  Used to insulate pipe components including but not limited to exhausts, valves, unions, flanges, heat exchangers, steam pipes.. etc.

 Insulation Jackets

GOET insulation jackets consist of fiberglass base cloth which is coated with 552 g/m² grey silicone coating on the two sides. The base fiber glass cloth can withstand 260℃ continuously. 

Technical Data

  •  Basic Fabric:                                Satin weaved fiberglass 
  •  Temperature Resistance:         -73 to +260 °C 
  • Coated Weight: 552 g/m²  
  • Thickness:                                   0.40 mm 
  • Tensile Strength:                        2800 N/5cm
  • Feature:  Thermal Insulation, High Strength, Electric Insulation

Ceramic Fiber Blankets

GOET insulation material on blankets are 125 mm and 250 mm thickness that consist of Fire-resistant insulation materials that  are  excellent   in    heat separation and thermal insulation functions  while maintaining good tensile strength.


  • Excellent chemical stability;
  •  Excellent thermal stability;
  •  Excellent tensile strength;
  •  Low thermal conductivity;
  •  Low heat capacity;
  •  Excellent insulation properties;
  •  Good sound insulation

Technical Data

  • Operation Temp (℃) 1100 ℃
  •  Density (kg/m3) 128 Kg/m3
  •  Permanent Change on    Heating (%) 1100℃ x24h ≤-3
  •  Tensile Strength (Mpa) ≥0.05